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Car Wash Shampoo

Car Wash Shampoo

Car Wash Shampoo was developed for perfect external washing of the vehicle with a self-drying effect. Its special combined formulation in neutral shampoo ensures a delicate wash, for any paint or colour. After rinsing, its self-drying properties leave a water repellent coating on the surface that makes for short drying time and prevents smears. The use of this product with high rinsing allows to reduce the rinsing time and allows a significant saving of water allowing growing respect for the environment.


Lustrous Shine with Car Wash Shampoo:

Give an unbeatable shine to your car with proper car washing chemical. The most important role is played by car wash shampoo. The Manmachine works provided car wash shampoo is actually a pH balanced car cleaner fitting your requirements. Usage of this car wash does not cause any harm to the factory paint of your car. you don’t need to use this car wash chemical in more amount. Just small quantity can bring the cleanliness you were looking for. The shampoo lather is smooth and much effective to remove all sort of contaminants from your vehicles. Use this car shampoo for a long lasting and shiny results.

How Car Shampoo Works?

Car wash shampoo provided by Manmachine works usually works with both kinds of water: hard and soft. Easy rinsible foam strictly removes tough layered dirt and grimes without damaging the factory paint. Pour some diluted shampoo on to the surface. Always remember to place car in shade while washing it. active agents present in car wash shampoo lifts contaminants from pores of the vehicle’s surface, encapsulates them  and along with it provides proper lubrication so as to avoid redepositing of dirt and acting as barrier while cleaning the surface.

Features of Car Wash Shampoo:

As this car wash formulation help in easy cleaning off, all you need is to simply prepare vehicle for car wash process. Few of the basic feature of this car wash shampoo are:

  • PH balanced
  • Effective on hard dirt and contaminants.
  • Rich foam formula
  • Safe to use on factory paint.
  • Effective on soft and hard water.

Car Wash Shampoo Keeps the Factory Paint Intact:

This car wash shampoo by Manmachine Works acts as a protective layer over the vehicle’s factory paint maintaining its shiny and clean look for longer time frame. It doesn’t lead to fading up of painted surface.

Maintaining Shiny Look:

When the car is running on muddy or dusty roads all time, it surely loses its shine. This car wash shampoo exhibits an unbeatable shiny look after every wash. This shampoo by Manmachine Works is best car wash shampoo in India.

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