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Colour Foam

Colour Foam

Colour Foam is designed to give a strong and different visual impact to the washing, COLOR FOAM is a foaming detergent which creates Red snowpack on the car and is applied by pressure washer with the suitable lance, or by a foam sprayer. Its advantages are not only economy of consumption and speed and ease of use, but also a new look for the management of the service! The visual impact is remarkable and cannot pass unnoticed by motorists running near the car wash.


Blue active foam and yellow active foam:

Colour foam from Manmachine Works is highly concentrated, heavy duty and innovatively created car wash soap for car washing. There are two segment of colour foam that Manmachine Works delivers; blue active foam and yellow active foam. It is basically used with the dilution ration of 1:9. It’s active and powerful hyper surfactants cuts off the dirt and grimes and wipes off for crystal clear surface. Delivering perfectly clean car’s surface is all you can expect from using this best car wash soap. This pH neutral car washing foam generates heavy suds which perfectly cleans the surface and brings out the natural fresh-looking shine. For best outcomes, choose professional for cleaning your car with blue active foam. High quality white thick fam is the unique feature of colour foam.

Features of Blue Active Foam Car Wash Shampoo:

  • Easy to rinse off foam formula.
  • pH balanced
  • Removes hard dirt, road grimes from surface.
  • Safe on all types of vehicle surface including glass, plastic and metal.
  • Effective with hard water.
  • Eco-friendly product.
  • Reduces dust stickiness up to 50 percent.

Why Colour Foam?

Using colour foam either blue active foam or yellow active foam as car wash shampoo makes your car shiny and clean. This foam delivers long-lasting protection for painted surface and helps in restoring paint colour. Completely owing to the advanced formulation, this car washing foam helps in removing hard-to-remove stains with ease and delivers the ultimate shiny car. Along with it, it leaves behind sparkle shine that gives looks of wax.

  • The delicate of this best car wash soap doesn’t cause any harm to car paint. It even doesn’t dull or fade the surface.
  • Professionally cleaning car with this car washing foam makes car washing, drying and detailing an easy task.
  • Once you are done with washing the surface, you will find an unbeatable shine.
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