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Dashboard Shiner

Dashboard Shiner

It is a mixture of natural wax and polymers which is fast and easy to use. Generating a “silk” effect on interiors plastic and leather, it creates an effective protective barrier against the UVA rays and anti-depositing on exterior plastics. It does not smear or whiten plastic parts, pleasantly perfumed. Suitable for treating leather and for use on interior and exterior plastics.


Dashboard polish from Manmachine Works, is a blend of polymers and natural wax that is easy to use. Forming a silky effect on the plastic section mainly the dashboard of car. Professional application of this product forms an effective barrier of protection against UV rays and also shields from further layering of dirt and dust. It is perfectly suitable for using the product on exterior and interior plastic parts. There exist no dilution ratio as best result can be fetched using it in pure form.

Vehicle’s exterior can be maintained by regularly washing it and giving it a touch of waxing at regular interval of time. Similar to exterior surface, interior parts too need detailing for keeping it well maintained. The dashboard of car that includes the gear, steering wheels and AC unit which collects dirt and dust over time. You need to keep it clean always. To maintain the health of dashboard, use quality dashboard polish. Use of car polish for dashboard acts as protectant for keeping the interiors clean, dust-free and cracks.

Use of Dashboard Polish:

This dashboard polish from Manmachine Works can be professionally used for cleaning all vinyl, plastic and even rubber parts of car’s interior. This car polish for dashboard makes proper use of advanced technology which safe to use and solvent free. It doesn’t leaves behind any sort of residue or sticky layer after application so there is no chance of attracting dirt and dust delivering proper quality shine and protection.

Instructions for Usage:

This dashboard polish requires to be regularly used onto the dashboard and other required surfaces for preventing fading process. Even, all other components which are crafted from plastic which are highly prone to cracks and dullness. Use of this car polish for dashboard will keep your car’s dashboard clean and healthy for long.

How to Use:

  • First clean the surface using a clean microfiber cloth.
  • Shake the bottle properly before using it onto the surface.
  • Spray the dashboard polisher directly onto the surface which demands polishing. You can even pour small amount of polish on microfiber towel and then clean the surface using the towel.
  • Use the dashboard polish using microfiber cloth for spreading the polish.
  • Fold the towel to form cushion and start polishing the surface in circular motion.
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