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1. Which is more effective; automatic car wash machine or manual car wash?

Washing car by hands is most satisfying and relaxing activity which can save your money. Few of the commercial car washes uses harsh car wash chemical affecting the vehicle’s surface. Manmachine Works recommends you a safe alternative of car wash can be using automatic car wash machine. Car cleaning can be quite time, money and effort consuming but using this alternative can save all three. This method of car wash is quite convenient option when you are not in mood to do it yourself. This car wash is quite safe and reliable for any segment car and other vehicle. Apart from this, if you want to wash your car own, then you can follow below defined steps:

1. Preparing for Car Wash
  • Park the car out of direct sunlight.
  • Set car wash chemicals and equipment you will need around the car.
  • Fill a clean bucket with fresh water and add car wash shampoo.
  • Fill another bucket with plain water.
2. Washing the Car
  • Hose off the car to loosen the dirt.
  • First wash the wheels.
  • Wash your car thoroughly using quality wash mitt.
  • Start car wash from top and then move to next segment.
  • Scrub off the surface.
  • Rinse the layered dirt out of dirty wash mitt.
  • Keep the complete car wet.
  • Clean tires.
3. Drying and Waxing the Car
  • Use fresh towels and dry the car.
  • Wax the car.
  • Go for glass and windshield treatment.
2. Does usage of car rubbing machine scratch your car?

Rubbing compounds like car scratch remover also known as rubbing compound is a product which helps you in restoring the lost shine of the vehicle. You can achieve desired result if you have proper idea of using car rubbing machine. These product usages don’t harm the painted surface in spite of abrasive composition. Mild abrasion, scuffs and slight scratches can be easily removed using car scratch remover spray. In essence, car scratch remover strictly removes a microscopically thin paint layer, bringing back fresh bright paint underneath. Not just restoration, but using car rubbing machine and car scratch remover blending in the old paint with the new one and for removing of extra spray.

Selection of best car rubbing machine and car scratch remover for your needs:

Your selection of which rubbing machine to use on vehicle that depends on large extent on the damage level onto the painted surface. if the vehicle surface is free from certain scuffs and scratches but it turns lifeless and dull then you only require a light compound for restoring the showroom condition. But at the same time, if you want to remove off scuffs and certain level of scratches, you require to research and look for stronger car scratch remover. Heavier marks and scratches surely require car rubbing machine whereas less serious task can be only managed by hands.

3. Is opening car wash business profitable?

If you ask me about starting a car wash business, trust me it can be amazing for a prospective entrepreneur. There exist endless advantages of starting this business which you can get to know in any car workshops. Enduring demands for affordable and accessible cleaning and maintenance of vehicle, that makes car wash a safe investment. But yes, along with advantages there exist certain disadvantages like expensive car wash machines like high pressure washer, vacuums and other. Along with it comes the cost of maintenance and repairing of machineries. You need to thoroughly research the market so as to know the demand of market, the prevailing trend and other relatable questions like location, factor affecting the growth of business.

Benefit of Opening Car Wash Business:

It is a fact that increasing lifestyle and standard of people definitely leads to increase in number of cars on road. So, for maintenance car washes are always needed. In fact, in many researches it found that approx. lakhs and lakhs of cars are washed on regular basis. So, there is no scope of downfall in demand. So, to stand strong in competitive market, you need to always focus on usage of quality car wash machine and especially high pressure washer as it mostly demanded by the customers.

4. What Extent of Profit you can drag from owing a car wash business?

If you are budding entrepreneur and trying to figure of which business lane to step into, you can go for car wash business. As per research, consumers spend approx. millions at any car wash and if you are having automatic car wash machine at bay, the estimate of expenditure increases. But before entering into this business, you need to be very specific about the car wash service you want to deliver to customer. This because, then accordingly you need to look for car washing machines.

Types of car wash:

If you have made your mind about starting up a car wash business you first need to figure out which type of car wash will suit your location and support your pocket. Which type is more convenient to own and operate? There exist two types of car washes basically operating in Indian market which decides your profitability in this business.

Full-Service Car Washes: This is the most common type of car wash prevailing not just in India but all across. Full-service car wash business involves cleaning car exterior using proper car washing machine including car washing pump. Further interiors are cleaned using vacuum by employees.

Automatic Car Washes: This type of car wash business demands bit heavy investment but consumes less space and manpower. When you are choosing this car wash, it works on automatic format like place the car onto the conveyor and with movement of conveyor the client’s car will be cleaned. This automatic car washes don’t clean interiors so for that you require to keep at least one manpower. The cost of automatic car wash is bity more than full service.

5. What to consider for starting a successful car wash business?

We know what a daunting and potentially confusing process starting a new car wash can be. What comes first? Prospecting site locations? Securing financing? Assessing your market? How soon should you begin marketing? How long will the process take? What is the most daunting and confusing method of starting a successful car wash business? endless question flashes in mind like where to start first? Choosing site location, financing, market assessing and many other like when to start and how long it will take to get hype. While scenario of every owner is different. Few of the major steps recommended by Manmachine Works you require to focus on for successful car wash business:

Location is Priority: Mover ahead and go scouting as you must know that no business turns successful automatically. You need to be very particular about the location selection. After that you require to focus on certain criteria like competition, population, financial level of population, street type and car counts obviously in the particular range.

Review your Competitors: Before starting the car wash business, first go, visit and feel the service of the other car wash brands in that particular location. How many customers they are handling and what method of marketing they are using and many other. Learning your competitors will help in making and running successful car wash business.

Complete The paperwork: Find out local city department handles license of business and further request an application. Then focus on insurance requirements. Utility usage codes, tax rates and many more requires for successful car wash business opening. You need to learn about areas and location has many different rules. If you can then also avail information on sanitary sewers, water usage limits, utility prices and many other regulations. For successful car wash business, you even have to have a proper eye on every minute details.

Financing is Important: This is the most challenging measure and the success of business largely depend on proper and solid business plan. Proper model can help you in convincing investors in putting up the capital for car wash business. To avail enough of funding for successful car wash business you need to prepare a solid marketing layout and plan.

6. What is cost of car wash franchise?

If you love vehicles and are car enthusiasts, then running the car wash franchise may be perfect business idea for you. Before you build up strong decision in this big scale venture it is very important to deeply research the options and have proper financing in place. Car wash franchise in India is a new concept to organize the car cleaning and detailing segment by providing a new definition of car care services. Car wash franchise endeavour for spreading awareness amongst car users about users about car hygiene. Car wash franchise is an amazing mechanized car cleaning concept where care properly cared and pampered using latest car wash machines like vacuum cleaners, extraction machines and other. Automatic car wash franchise is blooming at good rate. Adverse environmental, traffic jams and other conditions. The cost of owning a car wash franchise depends on company to company and equipment used. At Manmachine Works, we perform a proper plethora on car cleaning and maintenance as we completely focus on delivering all new vision to car market. Proper car care culture also defines the cost of franchise. Many people ask for if car wash franchise is an ideal option when considering profitability. Here are reasons claiming it a profitable business.

  • High-profit margins of car wash franchise in India.
  • Possibility of building strong brand image in market as it is budding industry.
  • Majorly a cash business.
  • No wastage in term of spoil or expiry.
  • Many services like washing, detailing and extraction under one roof.
  • Payment is immediate.
7. What are services included under car detailing?

Most of the people thinks that car washing and professional car detailing are same. But surely this is not true. Washing is even considered as part of car detailing if you take your car to any car detailing outlets. Detailing doesn’t involve any usage of automatic system for cleaning your vehicle. Instead it involves proper handwashing by well trained and experienced detailers.

Car detailing is segregated in two segments depending on the parts of the cars:

Interior car detailing: This car detailing process includes through cleaning of interior part of car with the hands of professionals. Some of the basic components of car’s interiors covered under detailing services are leather seats that is cleaned using upholstery cleaner, dashboard with dashboard polish, glass using glass cleaner. Before segment cleaning, proper vacuuming is compulsory.

Exterior car detailing: it includes restoring, vacuuming, polishing, waxing, car coating and car underbody coating. Products used for exterior detailing includes: wax, polishes, degreasers and detergents but are surely not limited to just these numbers.

Few of the most common exterior car detailing process describes as:

Thorough washing and drying: Just like normal car wash, detailing process is also handled by hands. The very initial step involves spraying the car body surface with certain specialised spray followed by thorough hand washing over door jambs, glass and all other exterior surface which requires cleaning.

Claying: The next step includes the claying process in which the detailer uses clay bar to wipe off any sort of impurities and overspray traces which cannot be easily removed using any normal detergents or shampoo.

Car Polishing: Once you are done with proper paint preparation, you can head towards polishing. This step is basically termed as restoration and correction process as your car loses its shine after certain time period.

Sealing the Surface: To lock the shine and gloss of the surface, a mild sealant is applied on to the surface and in most of the cases wax is the product used as sealants.

8. What is steam car washer? Is it safe to use?

Vehicle owners and expert detailing service providers are continually searching for approaches to make your vehicle look radiantly clean both interior and exterior. The latest vehicle cleaning advancements to hit the market are the car steam wash. They completely vary from old and traditional form of car washes in terms of outcome delivery. The usage of steam car wash machine delivers the cleanliness beyond your level of expectations.

Car steam wash is the way toward utilizing steam vapor to clean a vehicle's outside and inside. For quite a long time, steam has been a basic segment of the cleaning business, because of its adequacy and disinfecting power.

Advantages of Car Steam Wash:
  • They don’t use lot of water so eco-friendly car wash.
  • Steam car washer don’t use any harsh chemical.
  • Steam car wash machine is not bulky equipment.
  • Best suitable for both interior and exterior cleaning.

In spite of the considerable advantages, numerous individuals still have problem in accepting steam wash as they consider it bad for the health of car paint. It's reasonable that vehicle owners need to ensure that their car won't get harmed during the cleaning procedure. Steam Jet car wash machine is such new innovation, that there are various questions about their ability to convey proficient, excellent outcomes by the day's end. It delivers better outcomes when compared to other car wash system.

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