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Zentool Dual Action Polisher

Zentool Dual Action Polisher

Zentool dual action polisher is a true corrector of your distorted vehicle paint. Zentool car buffing machine is new furtherance in polishing technology as it endows your paint with quicker results by rendering an elegant look. It has become a flag bearer in efficiently eliminating minor flaws by maintaining safer operations with an orbit of 21mm. Though, the cutting capability of this buffer is determined by the quantity of the paint that is finished & removed. When compared to a rotary polisher, the machine achieves a far superior finish with no holograms.

This car buffing machine gives your car a complete finish looks. From buffing or polishing a vehicle correctly, it eradicates several defects like small scratch etching & oxidation. This boosts a car shine & prepares it for protection by aiding your vehicle paint in a superb state. Painters use compounds containing fillers to mask these defects. Zentool is powered by a 900 W motor, and even with the massive 21mm orbit. It still operates smoother than a traditional dual-action polisher. Its backing plate features ventilated cooling channels to help to reduce heat transfer. Because of its large orbit diameter, buffing pad weight plays a major role in maintaining a smooth operating machine. Though it’s an ideal pad & its weight is up to 27g. ZENTOOL is priced lower than every other polisher and comes with free 5” & 6” backing plates and a 1-year warranty. Though it's not for DA polisher, this machine is best for polishing.

A powerful tool in Detailing Box  

A car buffing machine is a tool for car detailers, as it handles severe damage on the vehicle’s paint, substantial swirls, scratches, or other serious issues. This tool is powered by a new, highly efficient 600 W motor that produces the torque required to quickly remove heavy paint defects while producing the lowest noise level & smoothest action you will find on a dual action polisher.

The thing needed to avoid while using Zentool is that you never do dry buffing. To achieve the optimal result, use the polishing product. It's advised to work slowly, though this process takes time, but make sure to always use it in slow motion.


Comparison fact that verifies why to opt for zentool

  • Flex XC3401VRG- 8mm orbit but uses forced rotation to achieve higher cut. Users consider this machine to have slightly more vibration than Rupes and Zentool

  • Rupes LHR21E- 21mm orbit. Uses a longer orbit to achieve a higher cut. Only 500w motor and can sometimes bog down easily due to the orbit diameter & no extra backing plate is given with the machine.

  • Zentool ZEN-21E - 21mm orbit. Uses a longer orbit to achieve a higher cut. Has a 900w motor to reduce bog down issues & Extra 5 “inches backing plate is given Free with the machine to cover tight areas.


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